The Police Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

The Police Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

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As defined in policing in a Democratic Society: police are to protect society, enforce the law, and social contract (lecture). We also care about life, liberty, and property of each individual member of society. A democratic police force is concerned with the preservation of a safe community and the application of the criminal law equally to all people, without the fear of favour. Police officers are the gatekeepers to the criminal justice system. They are individuals, given the general right to use coerced force by the state with the states territory. Coercion is used as a states function. Democratic Policing means that police derive their authority from the people, which implies that they are accountable to the people (Nalla and Mamayek, 2013). For this reason, the police feel for responding to the people. Democratic policing strives for police legitimacy, transparency, accountability, and fairness (lecture). This mainly focuses on the behavior of police themselves towards society. Police legitimacy is a major key to democratic policing, it impacts citizen’s willingness to defer to police authority and obey the laws. Although our main topic is democratic policing, we can’t forget the corrections and courts. They all work together to keep the peace. Although law enforcement can be traced back to the earliest of 1600 BCE of Ancient Egypt, it is evident how much has changed for the good. All the mistakes that have been made in the past have helped guide society today. One must think about what law enforcement and policing used to be and recognize the improvements made with time. Since we now know about democratic policing; it’s interesting to see how police officers engage within the agency. According to Dr. Gardiner’s lecture, “of...

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... positive public image, one incident can create a public relations nightmare and turn public opinion into a crisis management scenario”, Gardiner and Williams (p28). That being said we do have to recall that with police legitimacy we can help avoid negative feedback. Law Enforcement agencies that practice democratic policing are to protect society, enforce the law, and social contract. Agencies strive for police legitimacy through transparency, accountability, and fairness. Even though officers should be seen as half warriors and half guardians, they need to remember the importance of community safety. Overall, law enforcement is to keep the streets safe, and by doing so they work with courts and corrections; they initially start the process, that should be done correctly and with integrity, to make it easier for the Criminal Justice System as a whole.

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