Planning And Developing A Good Curriculum Based Assessment Essay

Planning And Developing A Good Curriculum Based Assessment Essay

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Planning and developing a good curriculum based assessment is vital for correct execution of mastery learning. The progress of specific learning units should explain exactly what is the teachers need from the students for proficiency. A few of the expectations that the teachers will require include, learning goals, learning outcomes, and learning objectives they are crucial to the student’s success. The declaring of these expectations is important to the success of the student. The practice would be achieved to the fullest if the students are allowed play an active role in decision making regarding learning goals and objectives. For the instructors it is important to remember that the gaining of information is not the only goal for students. The teaching of intellectual approaches is equally important. In order to accomplish this the teachers must provide the students with and structured and organized learning environment.

Summative Exams and Assessments
Purpose: To gather cumulative information on student learning so grades can be assigned. It is an integral part of the overall assessment procedure. It serves to measure the learning of multiple units and concepts. They should be constructed before the course begins which allows the teacher to develop final learning goals and what students should be able to do when reaching these goals. A second, and more recent approach, suggests teachers form summative assessments towards the end of the course to take into account fluctuations and changes in the content taught. Grading assessments are important but should not be the only defining assessment for grading a student. Other grading criterion such as portfolios, projects, reports, and behavioral objectives should be taken into accoun...

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...This is to determine the degree of change that has taken place in individual students.
Three types of data is gathered to be used for this process:
An instrument that assesses knowledge and skills that are necessary for the current course or field of study
A measurement of the skills and content a teacher plans to teach.
Formative Data
By charting progress a teacher can identify strengths and weaknesses
Summative Data
Instructor can evaluate final results of unit or subject learning.

Explain how you will accommodate or modify for the special population previously described in Week Four (two students with specific learning disabilities in reading and math, one ADHD student, and one English language learner).
Describe how you will use the evidence collected.


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