Benefits Of Mastery Learning

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This article discussed the learning philosophy called mastery learning in three ways: the benefit of mastery learning, the role of assessment in mastery learning, and the right ways to apply mastery learning in courses. Mastery learning is a way of instructing in which all students in the class must meet the mastery level on the material they are currently learning, before moving on to next topic. One of the many benefits of mastery learning is the shortened time for relearning. Mastery learning provides students a strong and stable foundation, therefore it will be easier for them to relearn the information they have once mastered but forgotten. It is also beneficial for obtaining further knowledge, as educators can make sure everyone is well-prepared…show more content…
First, by setting a fundamental objective on the current topic is crucial for mastery learning as it ensures students can obtain the most basic knowledge, and it will help teachers to spend less time on reviewing basic materials and have more time to teach new topics. Second, a higher standard is essential in mastery learning. If the learning standard, like a passing grade, is set too low, then the mastery learning is not effective as students can pass the grade without mastering the material they are currently covering. Third, retesting and assignments focus on student’s weakness is necessary for mastery learning to be effective. In order to reinforce the memory of students, retesting can build a long-term memory in student’s brain, therefore they can master the material as they have done so much on the topic. Fourth, grading should be stricter. Higher grades should be given to students who have achieved beyond mastery. Student may obtain a higher grade by re-summiting assignments, as it can help them to improve…show more content…
The explanation throughout the article is detailed, but the organization is not perfect. The writers are trying to present more than one idea within a paragraph, which is confusing as there are excessive information for readers to take in. More subtitles can act as audience’s guidance. More charts or graphs is suggested for authors to utilize, since it is a simple but effective way to represents findings. The one graph used in article showed the difference between student’s performance when mastery learning or normal learning is applied to the class. The data displayed casted a strong impact as it is a reliable source from a research, also it revealed the huge disadvantage which normal students are facing due to different teaching methods. But only the pros of mastery learning are mentioned. Writers commented on how people often wrongly apply this learning method in school, but they did not mention the difficulties of performing mastery learning. If the writers strongly support mastery learning, such important details should be stated in article to act as a persuasion, as it can potentially improve the young generation’s learning habit. If more graphs are used and methods to introduce mastery learning to current education system, this article could be much more effective in persuading general public on this revolutionary learning

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