What Is Formative Assessment?

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1297 words

Introduction Assessments have always been a tool for teachers to assess mastery and for a long time it was just to provide a grade and enter it into the grade book or report card. Through resources in and out of the course, there has been a breath of new life into the research on how to use assessments. They take many forms and fall within the summative or formative assessment category. Sloan (2016) addresses how formative assessments has traditionally been used by teachers to modify instruction, but when we focus on a classroom that is learner-centered “it becomes assessment for learning as opposed to assessment of learning” (slide 4). The fact is, the students are the ones that should be and are the ones using the data we collect through assessments, since it is our way of providing feedback in order …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that assessment is a tool for teachers to assess mastery, and that they need to be learner-centered.
  • Explains that when creating a student-centered assessment, there are criteria that are important to include and do when giving and reviewing the product before and after it is taken.
  • Describes their student-centered assessment, which is a mix of peer-tutoring and round-table activity.
  • Explains that their pilot group will consist of 23 students who are all in one of their honors physics classes. the majority of these students are our top students in their respective grade levels.
  • Explains that the students enjoyed working together and building off each other's work. if students do not achieve the intended results, they would monitor the groups and their progress throughout the assessment.
  • Opines that due to the positive results they gathered through their student-centered assessment of the peer tutoring round table, they do not plan to revise it.
  • Explains that making student-centered assessments puts students in the forefront of their own learning. the reflection process allows students to showcase their learning growth to themselves and their teachers.

This assessment would take up about 30-40 minute class period. I would put my student into groups of three, using a random group generator. The smaller group will allow them to work more closely with one another and there are not as many students giving feedback at once. My assessment would have six problems, a mix of mathematical problems and vocabulary or content based questions, the assessment can be found in the Appendix. How this would work is I would have the first person who was on the list start. I would give the groups five minutes to work on that problem. The first person would start the problem. For example, if it was a word problem, they would provide the first step to solving the problem, then hand it to their next partner, the next student would then add to the problem, this would keep going until the problem was solved. If at any point one of the students believes there was a mistake, they would then discuss as a group and fix the problem. If it were a content or vocabulary problem, they would add to the answer and modify it, much like if it was a word

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