The Physical Actual Presentation Of Myself Essay

The Physical Actual Presentation Of Myself Essay

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Looking in the mirror at the physical actual presentation of myself, I see what other people saw. Then I began to realize what the features are interpreted as. My hair is pulled up and tight, some have suspected military, but I have never been enlisted. My glasses and crooked teeth would suggest that my parents were low income, no corrective surgery or braces for me. My body image would be identified, instantly by women, as having children and I do have two sons. After one eight pound boy and the other almost ten pound baby my body did not return to its original dimensions, there was no weight trainer or nutritionist for me. My calloused hands will tell anyone that I am a blue collar worker and the ring on my left tells them that I am married. Going to school and beyond was my way out of the shell that society has created me in, it will be my golden door to freedom.
The first step to this process was to ensure that my children have a better life than I had. I was born to a teenage, unwed mother who was finishing her last year of high school while living with her grandmother. A year later my mother would marry another man and have a son. That very year department of children services would remove my brother and me from my mother’s care. The courts had decided they were going to place us in separate foster facilities when my grandfather interjected and requested to care for us both if it meant that we would remain together and in the family.
We lived with our grandparents for the next ten years. My grandmother will recall the first day of school stating that I came home very upset and crying. When she was able to discover what it was, everyone found it comical. I was upset because on the first day of kindergarten all...

... middle of paper ... engineer. It would be at this time that the economy of the United States would affect my employment and I finally decided to go back to school. I decided to go back to college in a different field that would be more stable than the manufacturing industry.
I began at Richland Community College in the fall of 2012 seeking an Associates degree in liberal arts. With me working full time as a school bus driver it took me three years to get my degree. Then while searching out courses at UIS I came upon the Liberal Studies program. Liberal Studies seemed to offer me everything I needed for a new career. With a few career evaluations I discovered that I had an untapped skill and interest in social work. I am now on the road to a Bachelor degree from UIS. Upon this achievement I plan on changing jobs once more into my new field of interest and perhaps, a counselor.

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