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A Knight’s Code of Chivalry or Love
An archetypal character has many traits, especially their growth as an individual and how their collective unconscious can change, possibly even creating a new character in a positive or negative way. Their decisions and behaviour in their personality can alter their relationship with others and how others see them. In the story King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, by Roger Lancelyn Green, Sir Launcelot portrays a variety of archetypes according to Jung’s theory including a ‘hero’ as he develops on his journey and baring the agonizing ‘wound’ from his betrayal to King Arthur for loving Guinevere, but he knows what he did is wrong. His persona is that he is a very humble knight and has dedication to his commitments, even “refusing [to love the four queens]” and “‘would rather die than shame [his] honour and [his] vows of knighthood’” (125). Sir Launcelot reflects on the ‘self’ archetype which shows his acts of individualism as his aspects of his personality never change, especially his honour and worship to King Arthur being his priority. He shows true potential in battle as a skillful adversary and is always there to help others in need. Although being a traitor because of his love for Guinevere, many knights recognize Sir Launcelot as the greatest knight in Logres for his chivalrous actions towards other knights while trying to stay true to King Arthur and himself.
Sir Launcelot’s behaviour strongly follows the code of chivalry, serving the hero King Arthur and keeping his honour while trying to keep the peace between the evil figure with a good heart, himself and the hero. While thinking he is no longer worthy, King Arthur believes he is “the best knight in the world” (273). Sir ...

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...le trying to abolish his sin with Guinevere before it consumes his heart completely. Love blinds him from being a true knight of the Round Table and is not properly following the Order of Knighthood as he is facing the ‘maze’ archetype throughout his journey especially during the Quest of the Holy Grail. The obstacles that he has to face are all from his mind as he continues to try to heal his spirit and heart from his sin throughout the completion of his journey. His whole quest is all both a physical and emotional journey as he follows his code of chivalry while he searches for forgiveness for betraying King Arthur which he becomes a monk in the end. While a knight can sin and ignore the problem, only a true knight such as Sir Launcelot repents for the shameful mistake that affects not only himself individually, but his relationship with other knights and damsels.
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