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Philosophy Of Nursing : Nursing Essay

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Philosophy of Nursing

Scott Robinson

Galen College of Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing
Nursing is a field of many different aspects. Your can care for anyone from any background, age, gender, lifestyle and personality, and as a Nurse you may come across many different disease processes and disorders requiring different treatments. However, in all of the diversity, there is a common ground, the safety and quality of care for every person you as a nurse may encounter. Nurses should treat every patient or potential patient they encounter as an individual that has rights and treat them as they would like to be treated. Sometimes, the mannerisms in how we treat a patient can be as healing as the treatment or medication itself. People who feel better about themselves and have comfort and trust in the Nurse caring for them are more likely to gain a desire to get better and a trust in what that Nurse is telling them to do in order to get well. Nurses should also use human instinct in treatments. If in your practice something does not seem to be working, if it seems to making the situation worse, or if you feel that there is something else wrong, as a diligent Nurse it is your duty to make phone calls to physicians, charge nurses, and ask questions to advocate for the best care of your patient.

Self-concept, as a Nurse the publisher of this article feels she is a diligent nurse with strong hands on Nursing skills as well as Strong personable and social skills. It is because of these traits she is able to perform her duties as a nurse with confidence in knowing her patients receive the best possible care. Nursing requires more than just book knowledge, as a Nurse it is important to h...

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...sionate people who are taught from an early age that all lives matter and that people deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. This is a great characteristic for any person to have, however, in the nursing practice, it makes a nurse more diligent in providing quality of care and makes a patient more comfortable with the care they are receiving, but contributing to better care and less complications in the healthcare treatment. Providing an environment where people feel like they are more than a job or task, but more like a person is likely to make them care enough about themselves and their own healthcare for them to want to get better and do what is required for them to heal and get back to a healthy life.


Hood, L.J (2014). Leddy and Pepper 's Conceptual Bases of Nursing (8th ed)
Philadelphia, PA, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

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