Pestle Analysis For Indigenous Produce Essay

Pestle Analysis For Indigenous Produce Essay

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Q1. PESTLE analysis for ‘Indigenous Produce’
Political: Every business has to follow government rules and regulation related business such areas trade regulation, tax regulation, employment laws, political stability which all of these would affect business.
Indigenous produce has to follow tax regulation of New Zealand. Which might be affect to business because every business running for profit so that if they have to give more tax than it would affect business profit as well.
Trade regulation also affects business in various way such as if they want to import something from another country and export into another country for that they have to pay import/export duties to local government.
Economic: Economic issues can help to get company’s success.
Economic fluctuation imposes short-term price, job losses, low return from investment and business being fail. As economic stability New Zealand is developing very fatly so that ‘Indigenous Produce’ might have benefit from it.
Labor cost is very sensible issue for very business to earn more profit. In New Zealand has good minimum pay rate for employee which very organization might not be afford. It would give low profit margin for ‘Indigenous Produce’.
Socio-culture factor: socio-culture you have to look for social changes and cultural change for business environment. Such areas:
Religious and ethical beliefs could affect business which related to food because some country like India, they don’t eat beef so that every hard to stable in market and get good profit.
Lifestyle changes and population growth affects the business because how many youngster and old age people. They have both have different lifestyle and unique taste for food so that it would give some benefi...

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... pricing what price will be taken by farmer and how much price another competitor is taking from customer.
• High quality organic and fresh food has more price than non-organic food. Some of customer well aware about it, so they have opportunity to get those customers by serving fresh food.
• They could do more and more advertisement to increase more customer to buy organic food from indigenous produce.
• They need to boost and develop brand image in market as ‘organic food king’, and if people think about organic food they will go to ‘Indigenous Produce supermarket’.

• So many competitors in market who selling food in low-cost, this threat could decrease the number of consumer of Indigenous Produce.
• Biggest threat of entry in new market because, they have to face social, political, cultural barrier when they will enter into new market.

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