Essay on Personal Statement : Practice Makes Perfect

Essay on Personal Statement : Practice Makes Perfect

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“Practice makes perfect” was a phrase that I heard ever since I was able to walk and dribble a soccer ball with feet. At a young age I learned soccer was my passion, and it just so happened to be my fathers too. I’ve always been an average sized, athletic built girl. I’ve been torn down, built back up, and torn back down again by my father. He always wanted me to be the best, not just in his eyes, but everyone’s. That is a lot of pressure for a young woman, who is trying balancing a social life, school, and sleeping all at the same time. Ever since I could remember my life has been a repetitive cycle of school, soccer, and sleep. My father has devoted countless hours with me, practicing soccer, to get me to where I am now. I couldn’t be more grateful for my father pushing me to be the best and think nothing less of myself. That may sound cocky, but I am just confident when I take that field with my team by side. Without my father’s persistence and dedication, I would not be as confident and talented as I am today.
My soccer career started at age three on my dad’s first American Youth Soccer Organization, AYSO, team in 2001. I was the youngest on the team, and the only girl. Being the only girl didn’t bother me because the hard you practice the better you play. With 10 others on the team, my father’s focus couldn’t only be on me or my brother. My father knew that what is taught at a young age should stick for the future. With this knowledge, my dad started with the fundamentals that were significant. These basic skills consisted of dribbling, passing, and communication. Being so young our vocabulary was superb, but he made do with what he had. Since practice was only once a week, my father practiced with my brother, Brandon, and...

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...conditions and calls that the referees made but I was still very proud of my team. We went farther than any Dolgeville girl’s varsity soccer team in over 16 years and that was a win in itself.
My father and I have a relationship like no other. Many people don’t understand some of the things he does, but I do and that’s what is important. All the extra practice sessions and criticism improved my skills and molded me into a talented soccer player. My father is the reason why I was never average and blended in the crowd. Now, because of him, I have colleges asking me left and right to play for them. It is an amazing feeling knowing that I am good enough to play college soccer and that’s all because of my father. I couldn’t be anymore thankful of him for pushing me and criticizing me to fix my imperfections. My father is a role model to me and I can’t thank him enough.

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