My Motivation Of A Coach: My High School Basketball Coach

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My Motivation My high school basketball coach was also my sophomore English teacher, the one whom I tend to refer to as Coach because the connection between a coach and her player is so much different and closer compared to just having a teacher and scholar connection. Coach was the one who walked around with a bright, cheerful smile despite how her day may have begun or ended. Coach Bubalo was a fighter, she stood with her head held high, giving me the strength to do more than what I thought I was capable of doing. She was the definition of real. Her advice, empathy, cheer, and personality would light up the room. She provide advices that is from what she had experienced as she was growing up. She not only coached basketball but taught the team, especially me, what life was like. Coach Bubalo walked with great style, and her style of dress code defined what most would call total swag. Her professional look is shown from the color of her…show more content…
In the classes, Coach provided the class with a safe and warm environment to learn, providing every scholar with an equal opportunity to succeed higher and higher above all society’s critics about students in New Orleans. We proved and continue to prove what people said were impossible, by our rapid growth. On the court other coaches look for skills, but not my coach. She looked for growth, she confidently believes in the idea of a no perfect team, there were always room for growth. Despite how many losses, the scores weren’t what mattered. Instead, it was about the growth and fight of never giving up until the buzzer went off at the end of every game. I was a part of a team that came from 0 wins from freshman year to having my team finally able to enter the playoff with just one more win to reach. My view of life began to change and evolved over time since

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