Personal Statement : My Heart Without Losing Myself Essay

Personal Statement : My Heart Without Losing Myself Essay

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“You have to take care of yourself before you can help others.” Or at least that is what I have always heard. Growing up, I came to be thought of as trusting but almost gullible, forgiving but almost naïve, generous but almost foolish. My family praised but also chastised my charitable nature but I could not help myself. I played the role of the kid who would share his toys, helped my classmates with their homework, and cheered up the stranger who looked a little sad on the playground. My parents worried that I stretched myself too thin, worried that I concerned myself more with others than with myself. I listened to their worries but I could not separate myself from this vital part of myself. Instead, throughout my years, I learned how to keep my big heart without losing myself. Now, as an adult in college, my commitment to service for others can shine through an internship with RRASC.
I have always had a big hearts, especially for animals, which led to my family having a proverbial Noah’s Arc in our house. I consistently took on the responsibility of walking, feeding, washing, and ...

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