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Personal Statement : Lecture On Lecture Essay examples

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a. Connection to Lecture.

I haven’t given recent feedback as I’ve been in business school for over a year receiving dubious feedback from others, nevertheless, there were many times when some of the biases discussed in Lecture 7 were on display in myself and my colleagues.

For starters, feedback is often too self-focused in the sense that the person giving advice is inclined to look for shortcomings of others relative to their own strengths. For example, I would often receive feedback from superiors that focused on my shortcomings relative to a trait that the person giving feedback found important, often because he or she exhibited relative strength in this area. Likewise, I found myself giving feedback to others that focused on areas where I displayed relative strength and ignoring areas where perhaps I was less strong.

This may be because I and others do not feel that we have real expertise in areas where we are not strong and are therefore less inclined to give advice in this area, but it could also perhaps be because we are too self-focused and tend to want to see ourselves in others and grade them relative to this expectation.

I tend to subscribe to the Timothy Gallway Inner Game of Tennis advice whereby it should be understood that every person is in a different stage of development and feedback, if it is given, should encourage the positive aspects of that development, not the negative ones, which we all share to some extent. To give an example, no one criticizes a rose in development for not looking like a rose in full bloom.

Further, there were multiple instances when I would provide what I thought were clear directions to people on my team and would receive work that was less than desirable in return. Proba...

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...atively competitive in polls despite having made numerous and repeated mistakes that would ruin even the most promising of typical campaigns.

They might also have considered the deep angst that existed within their own party with the surge of a relatively unknown Senator from Vermont to take on one of the most powerful political families in recent history.

Furthermore, the Brexit vote and rise of right-wing parties across the Western world taken in conjunction with Pew Research demonstrating real wages have grown 8% since 1973 should have given political elites pause as to their belief that the American people desired more-of-the-same or an extension of the status quo.

Elements of the Trump support, for their part, are undoubtedly feeling they have fallen prey to some variation of the Abilene paradox given the gravity of circumstances surrounding the result.

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