Personal Response : Deadweight Workers Essay

Personal Response : Deadweight Workers Essay

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Personal Response #3: Deadweight Workers
As we progress through our teenage years we will begin to experience working for some sort of organization or company. When you work, you contribute to the community. You help make the economy and your community stronger. You are being a productive citizen and a valued community member. Sadly, not all workers are the hard-working and helpful people they’re set out to be. There are many who are simply lazy and don’t give a damn about their job. They tend to do the bare minimum and accomplish just enough to not get laid off. Types of workers like these are called “Deadweight workers” and they bring a negative effect to the co-workers and bosses. If co-workers witness a deadweight worker nearby who’s not completing work and slacking off in general they will grow to get very frustrated. Since, they are not working hard enough the top workers will realize that they work too hard and production will decrease, as well as morale. It can create a major lack of motivation among employees. Companies are trying to fix this problem since it is very important and crucial for the company to not have many deadweight workers. They have quarterly meetings with each employee to talk about their work and any try and make the workers more motivated in their work. Managers want the workers to love their work and want them to want to contribute to their best abilities. If they have hired a deadweight worker without realizing, it would be cheaper to try and motivate this worker than to fire him. Also, they have asked employees to complete surveys about the workplace environment for the company to receive employee feedback and to see where they improve. In many studies, the majority of surveyors disagreed with the...

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...worker, customers will be very frustrated. In the end, we get the same wage when one ref puts in a lot more effort than the other.
Deadweight workers are the most frustrating people to deal with as a customer, fellow co-worker or manager. Managers are trying to do everything they can to prevent these non-productive workers using surveys and meetings. I believe they have the right approaches but it will take some time for improvement. In my few experiences with deadweight workers I can for sure say I agree with has been said in the article. I hope for the future that deadweight workers will not be such a significant problem in our society. Work is a privilege that not everyone has, so as workers we need to take advantage of this and give it our all. We need to help our economy and community and the first step in this is to be a determined and hard-working worker.

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