The Future Of Work And The Future Of Work

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THE FUTURE OF WORK In Today’s world, the composition and how work is done has massively changed and is still continuing to change. Work is now more complex, more team base, depends greatly on technological and social skills and lastly more mobile and does not depend on geography. Companies are also opting for ways to help their employees perform their duties effectively so that huge profits are realized in the long term .The changes in the workplaces include Reduction in the structure of the hierarchy ,breakdown in the organization boundaries , improved and better management tactics and perspectives and lastly better workplace condition and health to the employees. (Frank Ackerman, Neva R. Goodwin, Laurie Dougherty, Kevin Gallagher, 2001) With the rise of mobile working whereby companies employ from different regions without necessarily having employees enclosed in one building, they end up employing more skilled and qualified workers regardless of their location. This has been made possible by companies embracing virtual meetings and video conferencing where managers and…show more content…
This can greatly impact the atmosphere and environment within which employees work. According to Barbara Annisi, a personnel consultant from the US, he argues that the appropriate way to bring about the energetic atmosphere within a workplace is by appreciating and understanding different cultures by employing individuals from different walks of life. This inspires innovation within workplaces as individual’s tackles problems using different approaches. The energetic atmospheres within workplaces also make individuals to become more productive hence increasing the benefit of the whole company in terms of profits. The future of workplaces is therefore rich since most managers in the modern global economy are starting to appreciate different cultures throughout the world. (Fritz,
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