Factory Farming Essay

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There are multiple ways to help reduce the polluting effects of factory farming. People can make a difference by simply avoiding factory farmed products, reducing their animal product intake, or by going either pescetarian, vegetarian, or vegan. Those concerned with the polluting effects of factory farming can also make a difference by encouraging others to eat less animal products, raising awareness towards animal and worker conditions in factory farms, supporting farm animal sanctuaries, and signing petitions to end factory farming. It is important for people to become involved in reducing the amount of pollution caused by factory farming. One way someone can help reduce the negative environmental impact of factory farming is to go pescetarian. A pescetarian is someone who does not consume any meat, but eats dairy products and fish (Thalheimer). Many people start a pescetarian diet for the health benefits without realizing how many animals are saved in the process. According to Janis Jibrin, MS, RD, author of The Pescetarian Plan, “They 've read about the detrimental health effects of red meat and the benefits of plant-based diets and omega-3 fatty acids in fish, and are looking for a convenient and doable way to make healthful choices” (Thalheimer). Starting with a…show more content…
Farm animal sanctuaries rescue abused and neglected animals from factory farms and nurture them back to health. Chickens, pigs, cattle, turkeys, sheep, goats, ducks, and geese are rescued from dumpsters outside of factory farms and are given a second chance at life. “The Farm”, “V Animal’s Sanctuary Home”, “Barn Buddies Rescue”, and “Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary” are all farm animal sanctuaries located in Las Vegas and they are open for visitation. The farms are family friendly and encourage donations to help support their animals live the cruelty free lives they
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