Essay on Personal Note On Life And Life

Essay on Personal Note On Life And Life

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Life can be very difficult when one is trying to make a living. Add another person into the mix can make it more challenging. Now figure a child into that equation, and life can make you just want to curl into a ball. I was born to a young couple, who were both still children themselves. After four years, my mother realized she didn’t want to be a mother anymore. Living as a sole parent, trying to raise a child and working full-time is exhausting; luckily my father had help from family. By being an only child, and raised by a single father, I was passed around from family member to family member. I gained independence at a very young age. I spent plenty of time with my grandmother. My grandma has always had an amazing work ethic, and that has aided my life decisions. I have always striven to have her work ethic. Similarly, her sense of responsibility has shaped my life decisions. I know what I am responsible for, and I take responsibility for it. Lastly, her reliability has impacted me significantly throughout my life. I try to be there for others, as much as she has been there for me. My grandfather wasn’t around much; he worked most of the time. My dad has been, and is, a big part of my life. The upbringing I received from my dad shaped me the most, and had driven most of my reasons for obtaining my degree. A way in which my dad has influenced my life decisions would be with my finances. I have always tried to be smart with my money, saving what I can and not spending more than I make. In the same way he influenced my financial decisions, he encouraged my love for numbers, and my decision to go to school to major in mathematics. He has also supported my curiosity, to discover and explore more, and to always ask questions.
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... to self-doubt and fear. Self-doubt is an obstacle that can hold me back from academic success because it can make me lose confidence in myself and my abilities. When I question my abilities it makes me lose motivation to achieve my goals and perform day to day activities required to be successful in college. Lack of money is always a fear I have, and it can be a massive issue to academic success. Taking time away from studying to work so that I can earn money to pay for my costs is a big deal. Being worried about my budget is an immense distraction, taking the focus away from what I need to be concentrated on. Taking on too much responsibility, such as working several hours a week on top of taking classes and study, is a way to burn me out. Becoming overwhelmed is an important obstacle that I need to think about and create management plans so that it doesn’t happen.

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