Essay about Pay Inequality For Female Doctors

Essay about Pay Inequality For Female Doctors

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Pay Inequality for Female Doctors

It has long been known that in the United States, women do not make the same amount of money as men do in the workforce. Women have gained so many rights that have previously been unavailable to them in the past few centuries, so why are women in 2015 still not receiving the same pay benefits as men? According to Chen, “women working full time, year round earned an average of $0.78 for every dollar earned by men working full time, year round.” Unfortunately this pay gap between genders is increasingly prominent in healthcare. There is no good reason as to why two people doing the exact same job should have different paychecks only due to their gender. There is a big gender issue in regards to the pay inequality that women physicians are receiving as compared to their male counterparts, even though both genders are doing the exact same job.
It is important to first describe the evidence supporting that female doctors indeed do make less money than male doctors. For example, “Women doctors had a median annual income of $165,278 from 2006 to 2010, compared with yearly earnings of $221,297 for male physicians” (Cortez). Female doctors make on average more than $50,000 less than male doctors over the course of one year. It is absolutely ridiculous that a man would make that much more money than a woman even though both the man and the woman do the exact same job. There is no reason why one person should make $50,000 more per year simply due to the fact that he is a man. In addition, Cortez states “while the annual pay for women doctors has increased since the median of $134,995 in 1990, it’s only now beginning to approach the $168,795 annually earned by men 20 years ago.” Women doctors are beginni...

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...cine… now I can’t help but wonder if other factors are involved.” It is sad to think that qualified women who have worked hard in the field of medicine are being overlooked for paid promotions because of their gender.
In conclusion, there are many reasons as to why some people think women physicians make a smaller income than male physicians but for the most part, we may never know EXACTLY why this is, simply because it’s something that is too hard to measure. However, regardless of why there is a pay inequality between female doctors and male doctors, it is not just for men to receive a higher salary than women for doing the exact same job. If a woman doctor has the same education, performs the same tasks, and works the same number of hours in a given week as a male doctor, there is absolutely no good reason as to why she shouldn’t be making as much money as him.

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