Essay about Pathos, Ethos And Logos

Essay about Pathos, Ethos And Logos

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In this essay there is pathos, ethos and logos used to demonstrate the growing problem that is going on all over America. The problem is that so many people are becoming homeless, and a majority of them happen to be our veterans that fought for our country and gave us the freedoms we have today. Our veterans are coming back after fighting for us trying make a life, but a lot of them are unstable due to what they have been through because of going to war. A lot of veterans have problems after they get back and are ending up on the street with nothing, no support, no help, just struggling to get by. The focus is on getting people 's attention to make them aware of what going on so that they can help, which would be by giving donations of living essentials, and money to go towards the homeless and also donating more money to build more homeless shelters. By helping Licking County Ohio with the homeless veterans and homeless people in general could make people all over America want to help, just by starting somewhere local. The greater the involvement the more the solution will be effective.

Everyday more and more people are becoming homeless all over the United States for different reasons, a big number of those people happen to be people that fought for our country and are now living on the streets, and those people are our veterans. Persons that have had a long experience in a particular field that served in our military fighting for our freedoms, now have nothing. With the use pathos, will draw attention to the homeless, so that people will have compassion on the homeless, and ethos will convince those to help the needy.
Too many people are becoming homeless. These people once had a life, or because of their family have a...

... middle of paper ...

...they can. Then there are people like me--the long-term homeless, or what social scientists call the chronically homeless, as if we had contracted some sort of disease that is as difficult to treat as it is for many people simply to countenance.” (Walther, 2014, Para. 1)
It’s so very imperative to make people understand the importance of getting the homeless off the streets. These veterans and just the homeless people in general don’t belong on the streets, so it’s very necessary to figure out how we can get them off the streets. By asking for very little amounts of donations from people will help out and also by publishing the results will make more people become interested in knowing how they can help. In result to helping the homeless veterans will have an impact on the people in the area of Licking County and also across America. Everyone deserves a place to live.

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