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Parking Areas Of The Parking Area Essay

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You may be thinking parking lot, who cares? The parking lot is very important and for each facility the parking area will be separate from the shop. The parking area is on the other side of the fence, and is well kept and will also be monitored with a CCTV. The parking lot is important because when external threats think about theft, using a vehicle to get away is a preferred option. The parking lot will have plenty of space and a booth will be at the entry and exit. One of my employees will work at the booth and control entry and exit of every vehicle. According to Marissa Levy &; Christine Tartaro (2010), parking areas that are manned can reduce crimes. (p. 94)
Another good aspect to having the parking area set up in this nature is random checks of merchandise. The manned parking area employee will randomly check merchandise receipts against the product that was purchased. Have you ever been to Sam’s Club or a department store where they check your receipt before you exit? Well this would be no different and would add yet another checks and balances to the external security for my shop. Having a parking lot that operates in this way will give the customer a safe environment for their vehicle. All my customers can walk away from their vehicle and feel comfortable to shop and not worry about their vehicle.
Electronic Doors

All doors will have a sensor on them for only authorized entry purposes. This is another reason an employee or myself will control entry. All my employees will get a professional badge that has a chip that is scanned in front of the door allowing entry and exit. This will ensure customers do not try and leave without being monitored. According to Phil Seibert (2011), no more forgetting to secure...

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...hing a good auto shop needs is personal information getting hacked and losses being added in this fashion. With all these measures in place it seems to be making a well round in depth package for preventing losses for my shops.
This was a great journey in understanding external threats and how to provide sound countermeasures. Remember a lot more will need to go into providing a safe and secure environment to work in. Not only work in, but to keep all my items secure and without fear of external threats. Going home at night and not worrying about all the items in my shop is so important to me. The measures I have put in place have worked and will continue to work as long as I keep things running as planned. Never let your guard down and remember to invest your efforts in providing the best countermeasures for a threat that can strike at any time.

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