The Value of Ones Personal Possessions

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One’s personal possessions usually have value to them because they are something that a person can truly claim as his or her own. The most desirable and most valuable possession would naturally be love. With love some, but not all, desire material possessions. Last, everyone desires security to complete the last piece of the puzzle.

Love is valued above all other possessions because of one’s natural desire to be desirable. When a person possesses another’s love, it is understood that he or she possesses it only because the other person wills it so. Therefore, because someone must be give love to have love, it makes it much more difficult to obtain and all the more valuable. Because love is so much more difficult to obtain than material possessions, it is much more important to most.

While some extremists do claim to neither own nor desire any material possessions, humans usually tend to feel the need to have many. The need for material wealth has to do with the need to show off one’s accomplishments. In other words, when a person has lots of material wealth, it usually means that he or she has an important job position that pays well enough for he or she to afford these items. For example, a dishwasher at a fast food restaurant could not afford a flashy sports car while a lawyer or doctor could probably afford a couple of them. Owning material possessions basically makes people feel good about themselves because it gives them a way to compare their accomplishments with others.

Without security, one could never really enjoy all the love and wealth they have obtained. This is because they would constantly be worrying that it would be taken away. People need to be told and shown that they are loved when they are in love. It is not enough to just have love. In the case of material wealth, people always buy things such as insurance and security systems to make sure that they don’t lose the things they have worked so hard for.

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