Parenting Styles And Substance Abuse Essay

Parenting Styles And Substance Abuse Essay

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Parenting Styles and Substance Abuse
On one side of the spectrum, parents play the role of the adolescent’s overinvolved coach. These parents push and force their children into doing things they may not particularly want to do. On the other side of the spectrum, parents play the role of the adolescent’s friend, rather than parent. These parents often times do not set rules or guidelines for their children to follow, nor do they encourage or support them. These types of situations can lead to many difficult obstacles that families will have to over come, such as resistant children and potentially even life threatening events, such as drug abuse and addictions. Reluctantly, either of these situations could lead to adolescent substance abuse
This paper is about adolescent substance abuse and it will examine this from the following two perspectives: supportive parenting styles and uninvolved parenting styles. For the purpose of this paper, substance abuse is defined as the use of alcohol, marijuana and other illicit drugs. Relevancy plays a key role in discussing parental involvement in adolescents when potential substance abuse and addictions could be a potential outcome. How often do parents push their children to the point where they turn to drugs to please their parents? How often do parents provide no amount of support for the child, that they eventually turn to substance as a coping mechanism or a way to find more enjoyment within their lives? Recent studies have shown different types of parenting styles, parental involvement, parental pressure and parental support, and how those affect adolescents when substance abuse is a potential factor (Bremer, 2012). Some studies also suggest that parental involvement has nothing to do...

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... children can often times feel emotionally distant from their parents, therefore they may start using substances as a coping mechanism for those negative emotions (as cited in Story, 2011).
Along with the many negative side affects, there are also positive consequences that develop as well when comparing adolescent substance use and authoritarian parenting styles. There are many contributing factors that take place when steering adolescents out of numerous types of trouble, such as substance use, and disciplining them. Story (2011) explained the ranges of discipline that are presented in order to steer children away from substance use, such as the scare tactic. Typically, if an adolescent is scared of the consequences that would arise from their parents finding out about their substance use, that would direct them away from wanting to engage in those activities.

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