Parental Involvement And Academic Success Essay

Parental Involvement And Academic Success Essay

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Many parents have multiple children, while working a nine to five job, attending family activities and meetings, and staying on top of bills and home duties. Family life can get hectic and parents may not take the time to realize their importance in their child’s academics. Some parents may be too busy, and others may simply not care, but their involvement in their children’s life is essential. Whether parents or children realize it, involvement of parents in children’s lives positively affects their children’s academic success at all grade levels, including elementary, high school, and even college.
Parental involvement in children’s lives comes in a variety of ways, and the idea of how involved parents should be may vary with different families. Jeynes, in Parental Involvement and Academic Success, states that for their studies “parental involvement” was characterized by “parental participation in the educational processes and experiences of their children.” There are many ways parents can be involved in their child’s academics, several are mentioned in the same work, by Jeynes. Parents may communicate with their children about daily school occurrences, help with and check their child’s homework, let the child know their expectations for his or her academics, and attend relative school functions (42). Another way parents may get involved in their child’s academics, mentioned by Schor, in Caring for Your School-Age Child, is to meet and become acquainted with the child’s teachers, as they are the ones who determine their grades and spend a fair amount of time with them, observing their academic progress (457).
Usually, the first and most frequent time parents become involved in their children’s academics is during elementary s...

... middle of paper ...

...pment and quality of their child’s academic abilities.
As has been discussed, children’s academic success is heavily influenced by parental involvement. Sclafani states in The Educated Parent 2, “I am quite sure, from my reading and analysis of a sample of the thousands of studies in the area, that parents hold the keys to academic achievement, more than quality teachers, or smaller class sizes, or higher budgets” (104). Students get their support, encouragement, and motivation from parents who are interested and involved in their academics. The most impactful influence parental involvement has on their children’s success is simply the communication of the parent’s expectations in which the student strives to fulfill. In many ways, parental involvement, found in several forms, has a positive influence on the academic success of their children and any academic level.

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