The Impact of Single-Parent Families on College Student’s Education

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We want to know about the educational experiences of college students who were raised in single-parent homes. We are performing an interpretive qualitative research study that is descriptive. We will use non-probability, snowball-sampling methods to gather idiographic data from intensive interviews. We will be covering college student’s overall performance in school, their educational aspirations, and family, teacher, and peer involvement throughout their education. Also, we will explore students’ belief about the impact of their parent’s academic attainment and achievement as well as their financial situation. We will discuss students and parents definitions of success and how they influence their confidence levels in achieving their future educational goals. We will assess how the attitudes, will, and efforts of both parent and students produce a positive or negative educational experience.

In our literature review, we discuss studies that examine college students’ grades and learning experiences (Garg, Melanson, Levin, 2007; Alika & Ogboro, 2012; Deonno & Fagan, 2013; Pong, Dronkers & Hamden-Thompson, 2003). We also explore student’s educational aspirations and goals (Garg, et al, 2007; Alika & Ogboro, 2012; Deonno & Fagan, 2013; Pong, et al, 2003). Furthermore, we look at the impact of family involvement on student’s educaton (Alika 2012; Garg, et al, 2007). We also consider the influence of parent’s educational history and financial situation on student’s education (Garg et al, 2007; Pong et al, 2003, Hamden-Thompson, 2013).

Many studies have found that students from single parent homes have on average, a low overall educational performance in many areas. Surveys showed that students from single parent fa...

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