Essay on Pablo Picasso 's Life Of The 20th Century

Essay on Pablo Picasso 's Life Of The 20th Century

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Pablo Picasso was fostered for creation, his love for the work he did and for the people he shared it with led him to be the most dominant artist of the 20th century. The foundation for Picasso’s successful life was set early on. He was brought into this world by mother, Maria Picasso Lopez (Bernadac and Bouchet 18), and father, Don Jose Ruiz Blasco (Cabanne 1), on October 25th in 1881, at 11:15 p.m. (Bernadac and Bouchet 17). It was a difficult birth and Pablo was a weak baby, so weak the midwife believed he was a stillborn (Pablo Picasso Biography 8). It was his uncle who realized he was alive, he blew cigar smoke in Pablo’s face to see if the baby would react; when he scowled they all knew Pablo was alive (Pablo Picasso Biography 8). Pablo was baptized on November 10th at the Parish Church of Santiago el Mayor (Cabanne 1). It was on this day he was given his full name, Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Martyr Patrico Clito Ruiz y Picasso ( Editors 1). Pablo’s father was a professor in Malaga at the School of Arts and Crafts (Belz 430). He began teaching Pablo to draw when he was a young boy (Biography. Com Editors 2). At the age of nine, he completed his first painting, Le Picador (Pablo Picasso Biography 8), depicted a man riding a horse in a bull fight (Pablo Picasso Biography 8). By the age of 13 Picasso skill level had exceeded his father’s ( Editors 2). He began his career at the burgeoning age of 14 (“Picasso, Pablo” 485). In 1895, Picasso and his family moved to Barcelona ( Editors 2), he fell in love with the beautiful city immediately (Bernadac and Bouchet 22). In the same year Pablo began studying at the S...

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...thirteen thousand five hundred paintings, thirty-four thousand illustrations for books, one hundred thousand prints and engravings, and three hundred sculptures (Pablo Picasso Biography 4). It has been said that over three hundred and fifty creations of Picasso’s have been stolen, that is more than any other artist in history (Pablo Picasso Biography 4). Another way this man has made history is painting some of the most expensive paintings in existence, in 2004 his Garson a la Pipe was sold for one hundred and four million dollars (Pablo Picasso Biography 4). Picasso passed away in Mougins, France on April 8th in 1973 ( Editors 1). In his natural finesse, Picasso died while hosting a dinner party (Pablo Picasso Biography 4). He was buried in the south of France, on a chateau he bought in 1958 in the Village of Vauvenargues (Pablo Picasso Biography 9).

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