Essay on Oxford University Job Application

Essay on Oxford University Job Application

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Supporting Statement. Please read the further particulars for the post before completing this section: these will describe the sort of skills, experience, knowledge, or abilities which are required (the ‘selection criteria’). Your skills and experience may have been gained though paid employment, voluntary/community work, domestic responsibilities, spare-time activities, and training. Your application will be judged solely on the basis of how your skills and experiences match the requirements for the post. You should therefore ensure that you use this section to describe how you meet the selection criteria, and explain why you wish to apply for this job.

Experience and knowledge
• A good general level of education; a degree or administrative qualifications would be desirable
I am a law graduate from London School of Economics and Political Science. I achieved a Lower Second Class honours, however, as a mature student, I subsidised my studies through part-time employment in legal administration role and hospitality, at times working up to 32 hours per week eve during the term-time. Whilst my employment had admittedly adverse effect on my overall studying performance, handling studies at a prestigious university while simultaneously working in a professional capacity required strong organisational and time management skills and considerable flexibility. Thus I gained valuable practical experience and skills beneficial in any future career.
• An interest in higher education and in particular an understanding of Oxford University, and its goals in teaching and research
I moved to Oxford in September 2009 together with my partner who is a first year MPhil student at the Department of Russian and Eastern European Studies and asp...

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... spread sheets, handling post and preparing mail merges, answering client enquiries and other general administration.
• Considerable tact and discretion is required in dealing with highly confidential information and initiative in handling the day-to-day operations of the office, and with dealing with busy colleagues across the breadth of the University
As previously stated, during my legal experience and particularly while working in judiciary, I dealt with variety of highly sensitive matters, including divorce and child custody proceedings. Thus confidentiality was paramount and any breach would result into disciplinary action. Similarly, when dealing with these matters as well as when representing retired coalminers in their claims for compensations for occupational diseases, I had to adopt sympathetic approach while maintaining professionalism.

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