Importance Of Privacy And Confidentiality Of Patient Information

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Privacy and Confidentiality of patient’s information
The healthcare practitioners bear the responsibility of ensuring that they defend and protect the rights of the patients; ensure promotion of passionate care and enhance the dignity and autonomy of their clients or patients. The practitioners are often required to choose amongst some right or options considered least wrong besides ensuring effective assessment of the patients and upholding confidentiality of the choices made. However, nurses often face many ethical issues in their everyday life in the healthcare setting. Dealing with these challenges can sometimes be problematic. There is thus the necessity for ensuring acquisition of appropriate knowledge regarding some of the skills considered
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There is need for keeping the information regarding the patients confidential and private since it ensures the protection of the patients from potential harm. The guidelines regarding maintenance of confidentiality of the patient’s information play a significant role in promoting accountability of the nurses and in providing an outline of the responsibilities of the nurses by both the organisation and the…show more content…
Therefore, protection of the rights to confidentiality of the patient’s information is crucial in ensuring effectiveness in the organization’s capability to create a conducive environment that assures the clients of delivery of quality services and effectiveness in meeting their demands. The nurses and other healthcare practitioners bear the responsibility of ensuring that the environment that they create at the workplace safeguards the rights of the patients to confidentiality. The professionals play a crucial role in advocating for the surrounding that provides the adequate physical confidentiality, which includes the auditory privacy for the discussions of seemingly personal nature, practices and policies that guarantee the protection of confidentiality of information that the patients share with the nurses. Furthermore, security of the health information is vital for the development of trust with the patients and indicates respect to their privacy. The absence of trust between the nurse and client is likely to result in the customer's withholding or providing false information that would be crucial in the provision of
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