Studying a Degree in Law

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To include myself in an aspect that crucially shapes society is a thrilling opportunity that I have a lot of fascination for. Studying a degree in Law will help give me greater insight to this field of interest. Recognising how much the laws of society are constantly changing sparks particular interests in me because the English legal system is constantly evolving: This gives me a sense of strong inspiration to contribute to this modern society in the Law field. At a very young age, my outgoing personality and confident nature has made the subject of Law a suitable and huge interest. What’s inspired me to study law in university is the leadership that comes behind it, the independence in your analysis and views and the spontaneous nature I feel this course has. Your strong opinion that you defend and maintain throughout an argument makes this profession key to true individualisation.
I am fascinated with the module that focuses on resolving disputes. My work experience in different charity organisations has increased this drive to learn how a lawyer works out the causes of disputes ...

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