Employability and the Graduate Market - Interim Assessment

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Throughout Term 1 I had to conduct research about the graduate market on employers from the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers. Conducting this researching showed me the traits of a highly successful employer. Whilst looking at the graduate market on specific companies such as Freshfields and Allen & Ovary, and completing work experience in an immigration law firm called Fragomen, I have discovered the significant rise and falls of employment and salaries that a career in a specific chosen field can go through. Getting a job after you graduate depends solely on the job market at the time, which could have a great impact on career plans. In my first lecture for this module, Laura Hooke spoke about the most prestigious and most successful law firms in the City according to gross fees, including Clifford Chance, Jones Day and Freshfields. This part of Laura Hookes talk influenced me to aim high, particularly with regards to large City law firms like those mentioned. During my time at Fragomen's, the legal assistant I worked alongside, gave me contacts for barristers and solicitors and taught me that experience is key; not only for your employers to see how you handle work in this industry but also for your own benefit to decide which sector best suits you. This influenced me to apply for various law firms in order to decide on my chosen sector to strengthen my skills and experience and educated me on the importance of the direction of employment you take. Unit 2 consisted of many tasks which influenced me greatly. Firstly, by attending talks on how to write CV's and comparing mine with others, it was clear my CV needed rewriting to increase my prospects of getting interviewed. Simple things such as small spelling and punctuation err... ... middle of paper ... ...y reading law articles and most recent cases to deepen my understanding and keeping an eye on the job market over the next few years which will allow me to get a feel for the institutions that regularly hire in my area, and to be constantly reminded of the attributes that employers are looking for. This will push me to complete a master's degree as I will be on a higher rank of employability and it will further my career prospects and will also increase my chances of getting a job once I've finished my degree leaving me with the enthusiasm and determination needed to reach my end goal. Through making SMART goals, I have learnt that I achieve more when I put my mind to it and believe I can. Before setting SMART goals I would set the impossible and try to reach it without any steps to getting there. Now, I believe I have an achievable career path to becoming a lawyer.

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