Outside Employment ( Moonlighting ) And Activities Essay

Outside Employment ( Moonlighting ) And Activities Essay

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Outside Employment (Moonlighting) and Activities

Employees may not hold outside jobs or be involved in outside business, educational, community, political, and charitable activities that may impact CyberTech’s business interests, consume company resources or create conflicts of interest, or affect employee’s performance.

An employee’s position at CyberTech is considered to be of primary importance over any outside employment. Furthermore, employees are expected to devote their full attention and energy to CyberTech while on the job.

CyberTech HR’s approval should be sought if any doubt exists regarding the appropriateness of an employee’s involvement in outside activities.

4.6 Performance Reviews

Reviews provide an opportunity for employees and managers to discuss job duties, employee strengths and weaknesses, and concerns.

Only certain full-time, salaried employees are subject to performance appraisals and reviews. All full-time, salaried employees are strongly encouraged to regularly and informally discuss their job performance and goals with their manager.

The schedule and regularity of formal reviews, all compensation decisions are at management’s complete discretion. Compensatory decisions are based on a review of market conditions, performance and budgetary guidelines. Individual compensation may be modified at any time as business needs require.

4.7 Promotions and Transfers


CyberTech encourages employees to seek more advanced positions or lateral positions for which they qualify. A posting system may be used to inform employees of job opportunities and requirements. Except in unusual circumstances required by business necessity, employees must have performed acceptably in th...

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...employees and those who resign will be paid as required by applicable state law. All unused vacation hours, if accrued, will also be paid as required by applicable state law. The last and final check will always be mailed as a live check and will not be a direct deposit.


Terminated employees and those who resign will have to complete their pending expenses sheets by the last working day, expenses will not be paid if the completed expenses sheet does not reach our expenses processing center within two weeks after the last working day.


Generally, benefits (including medical, life insurance, and vacation time accrual) end of the last day of employment. Employees, unless terminated for gross misconduct, may choose to continue their medical benefits under COBRA. The Human Resources Department will mail a letter describing your COBRA options.

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