The Influence Of Computer Technology?

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The influence of the computer technology is mainly manifested on the internet in daily lives. In the 20th century, mass media went through network improvements around the world. Information technology, digital and networked information communication has brought human free, convenience and interaction. The wide application of information technology improves the working efficiency. It not only helps individuals to get relaxed, but also extend the circle of friends; however, this can be problematic for some individuals as well. Improvement in computer technology may lead to over dependence on the computer, social deficit and changes of communication.

First of all, for the working peoples, the appearances of computer technology bring up a convenient …show more content…

Recently, with hundreds of dating websites, some paid and some free, net friends can pick the right place to start dating with someone they are interested in. This is a new trend for the users to make new friends. which is one of the dating website launched a new service called Stir in 2012. Its main idea is to hold singles events for the users, approximately 400 a month in 80 markets. (Popolo and Griffith, 2014) Thus, those young people can meet more people not only online, but also in real lives. Meeting different friends can broaden the horizon and exercise the experience. US president Woodrow Wilson said, friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together. (Bond, 2014) This indicates that making new friends is of good benefit to future …show more content…

For instance, because of the computer technology, most of the people do not have to remember all the spelling of a word due to the automatic spell-check. After a long time, it is common for them to forget. More and more students depend on this new technology to help spelling; however, this function molder the spelling skill, partly because of laziness, in part because this technology make it easy to spell. The progress of information technology is becoming more and more convenient in spelling and writing. At the same time, person starts to forget the detail with the memory declining. Human are slowly loss their writing ability which is evolved by thousands

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