Outline Of An Job Of Evenly Balancing The Information Divide Between Them

Outline Of An Job Of Evenly Balancing The Information Divide Between Them

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Overall, group #4 did an excellent job of evenly balancing the information divide between them. Toward the beginning of the process there was one, as I designated as #2, who did not participate as much as the others. Although person #2 did not participate as much in the beginning, towards the second half #2 seemed to have become accustomed to the process of the task at hand and took as much part in the second half as the others had throughout the whole process. Information that was researched and provided during the discussion seemed to be very well organized and relevant to the situation in order to give the best picture of the problem facing the group. All group members seemed to be well informed on the issue that they were discussing and take an interest in rectifying the situation, in order to attempt to initiate conversation on the best possible solutions available to them.
Although conversation did have a couple of slow spots, different members of the group were able to quickly pick back up to put the group on the best track for moving forward. Bringing the conversation back to the proper place, and then directing the conversation on to the next part, once all members had exhausted their resources in that particular area of the GPS strategy process. At least two of the members present I noticed had taken relevant information that they had collected and filed it onto a separate sheet of paper that they were referring to. So, when that part of the process came to share they were ready with what they needed to give their information as quickly and accurately as possible.


Group #4 overall did a very good job at accurately following the specifications of the GPS strategy process in the correct order. They starte...

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...run smoothly so no individual was injured by the presentation because their importance and cooperation had been encouraged, even though what they said had not been verbally appreciated.
Although there was no verbal appreciation, group members respected each other and everything was kept in business level tone. Respectful turns were taken in presenting ideas and information which helped them get the most out of the time they had and acquire an accurate picture of the problem presented.

Conflict management (only if marked)

Group #4 had no conflicting views and all seemed to be on the same level in trying to come to a consensus in eliminating a problem which affected all involved in a negative way. Everything that happened was kept on a professional level and no conflicting viewpoints emerged eliminating the need for group members to manage conflict within the group.

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