Essay On Work Life Balance

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maintaining a work/ life balance
Work life balance does not mean an equal balance by trying to schedule an equal number of hours for each of your various work and professional Activities as usually it is unrewarding and Unrealistic, Life is and should be more fluid then that meaning you Can’t plan everything out to the last Detail, Your Ideal Individual work life balance will vary over time sometimes on a daily basis. the right balance for you might not be the right balance for you tomorrow, at the core an effective work/life balance definition are two everyday concepts that are related to each of us they are Daily Achievements and Enjoyment, as a leader it is likely that there will be more instances when your work-related goals are in direct
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Ensuring personal knowledge and skills are meeting Required Comptency standards
By Measuring and maintaining Personal Performance in varying work conditions and using the development cycle it explains the process of effectively planning recording and reviewing your development. it also involves measuring and maintaining your work performance in varying work conditions, contexts and contingences. By learning to identify factors that might affect achievement of work objectives it makes it easier so you can maintain your personal performance in varying work conditions and work contexts. This means the plans you make need to be sufficient to ensure that your time is being spent being efficient and effective in achieving specific objectives, by managing your time effectively and performing to the necessary standards you will be able to cope with contingency’s and eradicate factors that adversely impact on your work Making it easier to meet required Competency
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Understanding of learning style preference is Valuable in determining your Own learning pathways and when designing and developing learning pathways for others it is necessary to continue to learn to develop new competencies and greater understanding for the work we do, completion in the Market means that knowledge forms a huge Components of an organisations
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