Outline Of An Effective Policy Essay

Outline Of An Effective Policy Essay

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One of the first adobe session’s topics was about how to write and implement an effective policy. A policy is an outline of practices that are carried out by an individual or sometimes a group of people. It should reflect the daily practice within my centre. “Setting‐based policies are sets of guidelines that define the way your service operates” (Farmer, 1995, p.3). Gibbs (2008) mentioned that an effective policy is the one that provides solutions to different issues. She added that an effective policy should have foundations in relation to the centre’s philosophy and has clear guidelines to help in the implementation. It should also include background information to increase knowledge and awareness of the service community (Gibbs, 2008 ; Thomas & Nuttall, 2014 ; DEEWR, 2009). It is important to prevent any confliction with other policies when writing a new one (Policy development, 2014 ; Waniganayake, Cheeseman, Fenech, Hadley & Shephers, 2012). Each policy should be open to change due to change in society’s conditions or legislations.

In regards to my leadership and management responsibilities, I have to think of various ways that can help me in implementing an effective policy. First, I need to take into my consideration all the members and staff that would be affected by this policy. It is important to listen and consult them before writing any policy as the collaborative way of working will produce a broadly accepted policy (Gibbs, 2008). Regarding the staff members, I should go through an induction and orientation to clearly explain the vision and goals of the new policy and how it will affect them and affect the whole centre (Policy development, 2014). Besides, as educational leader, I have to plan and program a profes...

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...tional teaching that helps in scaffolding and extending each child’s learning (DEEWR, 2009 ; ACECQA, 2011 ; Rodd, 2013). On the other side, as a leader, I have to encourage the trustable and respectful relationship between the educators and the children and between the educators and each other.
According to the Early Years Learning Framework (2009), educational leader is also playing an important role to:
• help with documenting children’s learning and practice.
• access new research
• documenting objectives for learning
• have an understanding of children’s learning and development
• planning a quality learning environment through involving educators in professional talks and discussions.
, respecting the diversity of educators ' cultural backgrounds, teaching styles, knowledge level and experiences
• being creative with delivering information

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