The Origins Of The Ancient World Essay

The Origins Of The Ancient World Essay

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Being fascinated as a child about the ancient world, it is no wonder that as an adult, the comparing and contrasting of world religions is very fascinating to me. The origins of such legends and stories, passed down from generation to generation, morphing over time and spreading it 's narrative through the context of it 's message. Religious art was the basis for the majority of subject matter up until modern times, only as recently as the 19th century did artistic themes begin to completely exclude creation myths, and the legends of, or faith in Gods, Goddesses, or divine beings. In the evolution of both substance and the motives for the production of artwork, Religious viewpoints in both the Renaissance and Romantic artistic periods allowed for the provocative interest in straying from such ideas, but never completely. Looking back into the ancient world, there is an aesthetical abundance of tales regarding the roots of human ancestry. Pairing these are several examples of religious ritual imagery, sculpture, architecture, and literature.
Like the classics in art, the archetypal descent of core myths and beliefs can be traced back over time. A great example of this is, of course, the Bible. Judeo Christian texts, often include several versions, edited and translated over and over again; due to language, denomination, and in the case of the Apocrypha, writing and passages edited out (Council of Nicea) and deemed questionable, heretical, and "secondary" material for the use of proselytizing, worship, and religious teachings. With already all these differences; Islamic, Orthodox, Egyptian, Gnostic, Zoroastrian, and Indian Brahmanism also share religious ties and ideals with the broadly covered Judeo Christian writings. Heading ...

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...ts will open a door into a common thread running through most major world religions.
In conclusion, although these two very different pieces, one Ottonian sculpture and the other an Egyptian text, thousands of years apart, differ in materials, patrons, and denomination, their themes and symbolism are worth taking a second glance. The direct roots of Monotheism are very closely connected with Polytheistic beginnings, conceivably through hierarchical notions of power and the human need for closure and understanding. The mideival bronze doors, which are followed in a large U shape pattern, stand as reminders to learn from and live by the canonical lessons. With his ancient commision, Ani would have continued to contemplate his own actions in life as well, having the linear scroll as a reminder of his own earthly mortality, and desire for immortality in the next.

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