Organizations are a Social Construct Essay

Organizations are a Social Construct Essay

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Organizations are complex and paradoxical phenomena and there may be challenges in understanding them. A metaphor is used to understand one thing in terms of another. The use of different metaphors that lead to different explanations and theories of organizations helps us to think and see organizations from different perspectives. Each provides a certain view of the organization and can be convincing but it does not provide a clear picture of an organization. Therefore, by exploring the implications of different metaphors it is possible to understand the nature of organization. This essay focuses on whether organizations are socially constructed phenomena or not.
Organizations are instruments created to achieve other ends. The word organization which is derived from the Greek word ‘organon’ means a tool or instrument. Therefore, ideas such as tasks, goals, aims and objectives have become such fundamental organizational concepts. With the invention and production of machines during the industrial revolution in Europe and North America, concepts of organization really became mechanized. There is no hesitation that machines have become a very important part of our lives and has influenced every aspect of our day-to-day activities. Organizations too can be seen from a mechanical point of view. An organization that is designed and operates in machine like manner is called a bureaucratic organization. When we think of organizations as machines we see them as a machine made up of parts, where each part plays a clearly defined role in the functioning of the whole. Many of the organizations today can be seen or are expected to operate in a mechanical way. In many organizations we are expected to arrive at work on a given time, perform th...

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...rk was more efficient when broken down into parts, and the management, planning, and decision-making functions have been developed elsewhere. His approach to scientific management can be found in numerous manufacturing firms, retail organizations, and offices. It is not difficult to find examples of scientific management in the 21st Century. The car and computer manufacturing plants, the work environments, supermarkets, hospitals and some of the restaurants, almost all of them function efficiently due to the application of scientific management. In fact, these methods of working seem so commonplace and so logical to a citizen of the modern world that it is almost impossible to accept that they were revolutionary only 100 years ago.

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