Organizational Culture Of The Accounting Profession Essay

Organizational Culture Of The Accounting Profession Essay

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Organizational Culture of the Accounting Profession
Culture in an organization is created, embedded, evolved, and ultimately manipulated, and at the same time culture can constrain, stabilize, and provide structure and meaning to the members of the organization. An organization founder or leader creates the organization’s culture. Leadership is entangled with culture formation, evolution, transformation, and destruction (Schein, 2004).
Organizational culture is an important topic for members of the accounting profession. Public accounting firm leaders can demonstrate their effectiveness by monitoring and properly influencing the organizational culture. But at times, the focus is more on profitability rather than the public interest, the emphasis is less on substantive procedures and more on evaluating performance measures (Kelly & Earley, 2009).
The three elements of trust can be evaluated in relation to organizational culture of the accounting profession:
With respect to ability, leaders have to take responsibility when reacting to critical incidents and organizational crises, admit wrong doing and implement meaningful change. Leaders can demonstrate their commitment through teaching, allocating greater resources to training and coaching organization members. In doing so, trust can be restored.
Organizational leaders’ focus on public interest more than profitability fulfills the element of benevolence. Integrity remains the most valued element of trust inside and outside of the accounting profession. An accounting firm is in need of leaders who are focused on improving the practice and their responsibility to financial information users, thus maintaining personal integrity and the integrity of the profession.
AICPA Code of P...

... middle of paper ... conduct, it is fundamental to the accounting profession recognition, the standard against which accountants must eventually test all decisions. The code states: “to maintain and broaden public confidence, members should perform all professional responsibilities with the highest sense of integrity” (Duska et al., 2011). Integrity is achieved when the trustee or the accountant adheres to a set of principles and norms that the trustor or the public finds acceptable (PointCast Presentation, n. d.). When the public can evaluate the CPA’s professional performance in light of norms as technical dimension then trust can be established.
The AICPA Code of Professional Conduct is composed of more than just the three characteristics enumerated, however, the accountant needs to possess a high degree of each of them in order to successfully maintain and enhance public trust.

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