Personal Code of Ethical Values

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Personal Code of Ethical Values 1. Embody Integrity 2. Be honest and Respectful 3. Maintain Trust and Loyalty 4. Demonstrate Responsibility and Reliability 5. Exemplify Determination and Perseverance 6. Epitomize Independence and Confidence Part II As an individual and ambitious accounting student with plans to pursue a career in public accounting, I recognize the importance of understanding my core personal values and behaviors that guide the ethical principles of my everyday actions. I recognize that I have a responsibility to myself, family, future colleagues, future clients, and the general public to follow certain guidelines and conduct myself in an ethical manner. Furthermore, I acknowledge the idea that ethical dilemmas will occur, but I am committed to my “Personal Code of Ethical Values” (as seen above) that represent my desire to live ethically in every facet of my life. I strive to embody integrity in everything that I strive to do. This means that each and every one of my actions must encompass and demonstrate the values I possess, no matter what the context of the situation. Additionally adhere to high moral principles and professional standards put forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Secondly, I believe that it is important to be honest and respectful. I desire to express truth in every written and spoken word. Presenting information in a fair and impartial way when it comes to performing accounting duties is necessary in a profession that serves the public interest. I believe that being respectful means showing consideration and thoughtfulness in my relationships with my fellow those that I come into contact with. This goes hand in hand in treating everyone from fami... ... middle of paper ... ...lue lifelong learning and support professional education of stakeholders in enhancing their understanding of information systems and controls when it comes to auditing. Overall, I believe that my strengths will empower me to act ethically in the accounting profession while I will continuously be committed to improving my weaknesses to make sure I become an even ethical person each and every day. This blend of deontology and virtue ethics creates the ideal that I as in individual must have a positive ethical value as my motivation and be obliged to uphold my virtues in each and every interaction or decision of my life. Every single one of my ethical values present in my code can and should be applied to both my personal and professional behavior. My code is imperative to maintaining my moral compass in the workplace as I embark on a career in public accounting.

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