Organizational Change Of A Multi National Corporation ( Mnc ) Essay example

Organizational Change Of A Multi National Corporation ( Mnc ) Essay example

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Successfully identifying, defining, and implementing organizational change in a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) is both an art and a science, as there is not one methodology universally agreed upon and/or appropriate for all organizations (Merrell, 2012). Formulating the correct approach to the process of change in MNCs is difficult, partly due to national and international implications of expected effects of the implementation process (Barcan, 2012). Organizational change can therefore be designed and implemented in a variety of ways, and this paper will describe and define the types of change an MNC could experience, and also will list and describe procedures for this process, including how to deal with possible resistance to change. Key factors identified and addressed as necessary for successful changes within and MNC are anticipating change, communication organization-wide, overcoming resistance to change, acquiring and applying the skills required to implement change, and the planning stages combined (Hum, 2012).
The MNC: Adaption to the Environment
Organizational change management for an MNC involves a managerial decision making process designed to at least attempt the creation and reinforcement of a competitive advantage in a complex, volatile and risky environment; including the consideration of external factors, such as foreign customs, culture, and personnel (Barcan, 2012). Adapting to the international environment
Factors of Change
Organizational change can be grouped into two major categories; they a. External factors that can be anticipated, to a degree, but are largely out of organizational control, and, b. internal factors that are within planning, manageable action, and the purview of organizational management...

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... capability, and the evaluation of organization change (Cameron & Green, 2015). These are the just the basic skill needed for possible success.
This paper has delineated and described how an MNC can successfully identify, define, and implement organizational change in a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) using multiple methodologies. Formulating the correct approach to the process of change in MNCs is not an easy nor straightforward process (Barcan, 2012). Organizational change can be designed and implemented in a variety of ways. Key factors identified and addressed as necessary for successful changes within an MNC are anticipating the need for change, when necessary, communication at all organizational levels, overcoming resistance to change, utilizing/acquiring the skills required, and initiating the planning stages to implementation (Hum, 2012).

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