Online Shopping Is A Popular Way For Consumers Essay

Online Shopping Is A Popular Way For Consumers Essay

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Online shopping has become a popular way for many consumers to look and buy products or services that they like. Many business have included an online website for their consumers to make it convenient for them. When consumers don’t have time or doesn’t feel like walking in the stores, they can go online to shop at their stores. Businesses include all products that consumers can find at the store and sometimes they will put certain products that can only be bought online. Consumers can find vivid pictures of the products and reviews that other consumers had left about the product. When consumers buy a product, they can rate how they like about the products. Online shopping is convenient for consumers because it can happen anytime of the day and it saves time. The two recent online websites that I had visited were Amazon and Modcloth. Amazon is one of the most popular sites that many consumers go on to shop for products. They provide many different products from clothes to kitchen supplies. In addition, they target all audience from kids to elders. Modcloth is an online website that focus mostly on selling clothes. They also provide other products such as accessories, boots, home accessories, and gifts. Both online websites provide many different products and great customer service.
My experience in my last visit on Amazon was average. Personally, I usually don’t shop online because I like to see and feel the product before I purchase it. However, I had been busy with work and school which I had forgot it was my best friend birthday. So I went on Amazon to look for a present for my best friend. Amazon provide the sign ‘Prime’ on certain products to notify consumers that those products can be delivered quicker than other products. ...

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...nce and Modcloth focus only towards women. Modcloth provides faster shipping for their consumers and Amazon provide a slower shipping. Modcloth includes a blog and a feature similar to Instagram, where they can post pictures of what they bought from there. On the other hand, Amazon does not provide and blogs or a feature for customers to post pictures for other customers to like it.
Overall, my experience in both Amazon and Modcloth was great. They each have their own similarities and differences which make them unique in a way. It was my first time using Modcloth to buy shoes and I liked it. Both online websites are able to attract customers by their large target audience from Amazon and the different style of products from Modcloth. Modcloth provides a unique products that I cannot find in other online websites. Personally, I enjoy shopping more at Modcloth now.

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