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The On The Flat Edge Essay

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You can’t get them in a small whole, but a relatively large hole like in a trunk or a hood opening that you tweak out with a tool, you can get back in there and flatten with these pliers. But what you can also do is, clamp them down to a piece of sheet metal, and then scoot that sheet metal around. So that particular angle needs to be right about a 90, between the outside skin and the bottom edge of the bracket, and this thing, the way Camaro fenders get hit, they tweak that way out of whack.

You can 't just go in there and hammer it out because you would bend that edge of the bracket and it 's not strong enough to be hammered. You can push it out because it’s the structure itself that is bent in. So, I clamp the pliers on the flat edge, you know, it 's hard to picture with me just talking about it, but I clamp the pliers on the flat edge and then pry that out with a wooden rod that I use and then I was able to push the bottom L shaped 90 straight back out without actually pushing the skin, like you are pushing the structure.

So, it is really effective for getting that damage out without jacking it all up and trying to push from the skin, you will never get there and not hammering and beating it all up. So, it 's really fast and really clean. Unfortunately, those Periscopes hang out for 24 hours on a replay and then they are gone. Well, if you are hearing this podcast, it 's gone already and you missed it. That is why, when you get the alert, you have to get on right now and that is what 's cool about it.

Shane: I know, it 's live.

Keith: Live and then live for 24 hours. You can 't comment on the replay, but you can tap the screen and add hearts.

Shane: I did not know that.

Keith: Yeah, hearts will count in the ...

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...just saying thank you for the opportunity to fix your car, it was a pleasure meeting you, if we can help you again, we hope you never need it, but if you do, we will be here.

In the meantime, if you wanted to leave us a review, this would be a great place to do it. Thanks again for your business or something like that. So, we are going to see how that goes, but to be quite honest in all transparency, I have not done anything like that in my company because we have got so much traction in the local market that once you get to a point in reviews, you kind of get a snowball effect and they just start multiplying by themselves and you don’t really need to do a lot. People tend to want to review things that are highly reviewed already, for some reason.

Shane: A lot of it, especially with you Keith, you 're big in the Yelp review. How many reviews do you have now

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