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This Marketing report comprises of information regarding Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, a renowned coffee retailer founded in the US. This report begins with an introduction of the company that discuss the origin and elements that this report focuses on, then followed by the vision, mission and values of the coffee retailer for the coming years. Then, it discusses the situational audit of the company where in it provides information about the internal analysis using the strengths and weaknesses of the company. The external analysis continues in the form of a PESTEL analysis which focuses on the factors that affect Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf course of business. A further analysis will take the form of Porter analysis that defines the competition the…show more content…
). The company is owned and run by International Coffee & Tea, LLC, which has its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Now, after celebrating its 50 years in the business, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf have grown and became one of the oldest and largest privately-owned coffee and tea companies in the world. The main objective of this report is to develop and provide a sales and marketing plan for which the company will help to generate more profit and acquire more customers to patronize the product. This report will cover the period of 2016 to 2017 which will serve as guidelines that needs to follow of the employees, managers and management team to reach the desired goals and target for the company. “Marketing plan designs specific action programs that implement the desired strategy” (Walter & Dana, 2007,pp. 50). This marketing plan will look after the company’s vision, mission and values. Then, it will go on to the situation analysis where in it will discuss the competitiveness of the company among the others using the SWOT, PESTEL and Porter’s analysis. Next, it will move on to the objective of the company that will be presented and it will go on to the marketing mix strategies that need to be applied by the company in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Finally, it will present the budget to complete the effectiveness…show more content…
5. SITUATION AUDIT According to Webfinance (2015), situation audit is the process of identifying and evaluating existing internal and external elements that may impact an organization 's ability to achieve its objectives. It helps the company to identify what is good and need to improve also what is lack in the company that needs to change. Walters & Dana (2007) argues that "situation analysis is an objective look at the business environment and its marketing capability" (pp. 36). It involves a SWOT and environmental analysis, competitive analysis and marketing audit. 6.1. Internal Analysis Managers are required to conduct an internal analysis in order for the strategic management process to begin. Internal analysis involves in determining the company 's strengths and weaknesses by analyzing its competencies. To have an effective strategies, the organization must exploit and expand on its strengths, as well as reduce or eliminate its weaknesses; thus furthering its competitive advantage, in order to achieve profitability (Hill & Jones, 2014). 6.1.1.

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