Old Age - Original Writing Essay

Old Age - Original Writing Essay

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Father recovered physically from the bear attack, but was never mentally the same. There were times when he forgot where he was and periods where he spoke in strange tongues. I would find him sometimes wondering a field, muttering to himself. When asked what he was doing, he would reply, “Looking for cracker berries.”
I tried administering our usual medicines for memorial loss and confusion, but they had no affect. Then I experimented with different combinations. It took me many moons to find the right mixture to get him back to his old self.
For about year, he seemed fine. He was able to play with his grandchildren, but not for as long or as hard as before. When we hunted or fished, we had to take frequent breaks for him to rest, which grew longer with time.
I thought he had just become feeble because of old age and would need more of my help as he entered his twilight years, the cost of a long life A fortunate son gladly pays this debt on behalf of a loving parent.
We came back from hunting late one night because he was tired and had to rest more than usual. He asked about increasing the dose of the medicine that I was giving him. I was reluctant at first as his daily dose was already high, but he insisted. I gave in and doubled his mediation that night.
The next morning, he seemed to have some of his strength back. Over the next cycle of the moon, he grew stronger and was able to make up the medicine himself sending Mika and her brothers out to pick the herbs and gather the roots that he needed.
I left him alone so that I could hunt more and visit the sick in the village. I soon noticed that he was returning to his old ways, forgetting where he was and he spoke more in tongues. At first, my mother could snap him out of it with ...

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...squatch was leaving. He had taken his suit from his place and was heading to the sea. The women and the children had barricade themselves in my place when I left, knowing that its stonewalls would protect them. However, Sasquatch did not attempt to enter it.
I instructed my Igashu to escort the women and children back to the village. I told him that Sasquatch knew where Father was going and would help me to locate him.
Onida pulled me to one side. “You are not thinking about going after Sasquatch?”
“I’ve hunted him before.”
“How did that go?” She though he hands up. “You spent the summer and fall chasing him before he hung you in a tree. What makes you think you can catch him now?”
“He’s older now and not as strong because of his injury. He has also taught me everything he knows.” I hoped he had and didn’t have any of that black powder he liked to use on his enemies.

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