A Walk in the Woods - Original Writing

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410 words

A Walk in the Woods - Original Writing

The wood was enormous. It was dark and it was cold and I needed to get

home and quickly. I had had the strangest feeling all day that I was

being followed, and due to past experiences I knew that these strange

feelings often resulted in something much more. I wiped the sweat from

my brow and desperately and frantically tried to find my way in the

darkness of the wood. The spring foliage was so thick I could barely

see ten metres in any direction but I knew that I had to venture on to

safety. The ground beneath me was soft from last night’s rainfall and

dragged on my feet almost gluing them in place.

A snapping of a twig was all it took to make me freeze. I turned

around frenetically searching for whoever or whatever was nearby, but

I could hardly see in the sparseness of light. Almost immediately

after, there was a sudden thunderous noise in the distance which

instantaneously made me sprint off deeper into the woods - still

urgently searching for the clearing.

Branches were hitting me in all directions like convicts reaching out

beyond their bars. Trunks of trees seemed to press in on me from all

sides threatening to bar my way. I was constantly praying to God under

my breath for my safe arrival home but how could I possibly find my

way? I was panting heavily and a sharp, piercing stitch in my stomach

made me come to a stumbling, sweating halt.

I had come across the most beautiful lake and even in the darkness I

could witness its radiance. I kneeled down, cupped my hands together

and slowly and gratefully began to drink from the water. But it was

then I saw it. A sudden image of my body lying vulnerably at the

bottom of the lake which reminded me that I had to go, I had to get


With this I took off once again almost falling over some entangled


In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how the wood was enormous, dark and cold, and they needed to get warm.
  • Narrates how they saw ten metres in any direction, but they knew that they had to venture on.
  • Narrates how a twig snapping was all it took to make them freeze.
  • Narrates how the bottom of the lake reminded them that they had to go.
  • Narrates how they heard a rustling in the bush they were approaching. they held their breath.
  • Narrates how they turned their head sharply and sprawled over a mess of mess.
  • Narrates how they closed their eyes tightly and began to pray, as they felt a cold breath on their face.
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