Haunted House

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Holly looked at me with a pout that could rival Victoria Beckham’s. “Come on Summer, don’t be such a wuss. It’s just an old house, right Kate?” She looked to her best friend Kate who nodded her agreement. “I’ve been in there before with my brother and I swear it’s not that bad. It looks spookier from the outside than when you’re actually inside the place.” Kate said. “I don’t know guys; deserted houses really give me the creeps. It’s all a little too Nightmare on Elm Street for me.” I answered. Maddie looked at me with worry in her eyes but didn’t reveal my secret; that I could sometimes see the dead. An old abandoned house was asking for all sorts of trouble for someone like me. I looked warily at my new friends who were looking back at me expectantly. I had met Holly and Kate only a few days after starting at my new school, Coolangatta High. The two of them were avid surfers and were friends of my boyfriend Luke. Once they realised that the new girl in school was dating Luke, and was learning to surf herself, they instantly befriended me. They were the most popular girls in school; girls wanted to be them, and guys wanted to date them. They pretty much ruled the school; whatever they did, others followed, or tried their hardest to anyway. Holly had long sun bleached hair, a golden tan, and a fit surfers body. She was beautiful and confident, and because of that had a long string of guys asking her out. I had noticed that she only dated surfers though, and anyone else that asked her out received a mostly polite, but firm no. I had heard that she even dated guys that were older than us as well; as long as they were surfers, of course. She was a born flirt; she flirted with every guy in school, making ... ... middle of paper ... ...ur months ago. We had met at her parent’s New Years Eve party, which I had reluctantly gone to with Mum and Dad, presuming it would be a bunch of old people getting loose. But to my surprise, I had seen Luke, who I had met at the beach briefly a few days earlier, and he had introduced me to Maddie and Seth. The four of us had become friends almost immediately; Luke and I became a couple, his best mate Seth had taught me to surf, and they had all learnt of my ability to see ghosts. Maddie was still fairly quiet and reserved around new people, but had started to loosen up around Holly and Kate. She told me that she had been at school with them since they were all in Grade One, but they had rarely spoken to her. She said that she totally understood why though. While she was into reading and getting good grades; they were into surfing and boys. She told me that she just
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