Essay on Obesity : Children And Older Adults

Essay on Obesity : Children And Older Adults

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Jessica Hernandez

Kin 340 Personal Trainer 9:00am­11:50am

Obesity can affect both young children and older adults. The United States of America has the second highest obesity rate among other countries. Obesity is being overweight often based on your body mass. Obesity can affect any person at any age. There are many causes of obesity such as the environment they grow up, lack of physical activity, genetics, overeating, and lack of information on nutrition. The World Health Organization as a global epidemic formally recognized obesity in 1997.
According to the article, “Stemming the Obesity Epidemic: Are Nurses Credible Coaches?”, “Americans seem to be trending steadily toward an increasingly larger body size” (Marchiondo2014). In other words, people are gaining a lot of weight mostly fat, not knowing that it can lead to other health issues. People that are overweight might have other diagnoses like diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and more. For example, in “Obesity; Prevalence of Various Risk Factors of Heart Diseases in Obese Persons by Dr. Muhammad Arif, Faran Nasir, it states that “obesity is a major public concern because it is associated with an increased risk of various diseases, like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol levels, all of which are risk factors for cardiovascular diseases” (Dr. Muhammad Arif Ali, Faran Nasir2015). So being obese can cause you to have other diagnosis too. Obesity can also have psychological problems, like depression, eating disorders and more. Everyone is at risk of being obese. Americans are becoming obese because there is less physical activities in their daily life, more propaganda on fast food, less information on how to have a healthy body, family history,...

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...entire cost of enrollment? If these families cannot afford the original enrollment fees, there is no way that they can afford to spend their money on a temporary afterschool program just for the sake of being in this study. A possible solution for this could have been to let these parents make payments, rather than making them pays the entire fees all at once.

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