The Negative Impacts Of Caregiving For Older Adults

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Caregiving for older adults is no easy task. It is very complex as it requires the intersection between being a family member and taking on the responsibilities of a caregiver. Caregivers have to assume this new role that includes taking care of difficult medical procedures. This could include handling medical equipment, distributing medicine, or simply monitoring for adverse affects of sickness or medicine. Family caregiving can cause many problems in the caregiver’s life. Caregiving has negative impacts on multiple different aspects of life, including an impact on physical, emotional, health and financial issues. Caregiving can also take a large toll on the family of the older adult. These caregivers are more likely to experience emotional distress, depression, anxiety, or social isolation (Schulz, 2016). Schulz even reports that family caregivers tend to have worse physical health than those that are not burdened with the responsibility of caring for family members. Physical…show more content…
Sadly, elder abuse is common when discussing the negative impacts that family caregiving might have on a senior. This often comes in the form of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, or financial abuse. All of these forms of abuse take advantage of the elderly, this is due to them being incapacitated or too weak and embarrassed to make it stop. In terms of family caregiving, neglect is the largest breach of trust. Neglect is defined as a failure to protect an elder from harm. Although caregiving is no simple job, giving the elderly the care they need is what the job entails. Often times those that are abused are most likely women. The most often abused also tend to have memory issues or are considered disabled in some way. Frail seniors that are very dependent on others to assist with daily life activities are some of the most common to become
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