Essay Nursing : A Career Option For Me

Essay Nursing : A Career Option For Me

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Nursing had not initially been a career option for me, but nursing had made an impact on my life, even at an early age. There was a picture frame that sat on my mother’s dresser with an image of her in her student nurse uniform. It was very formal, and she wore a blue cape with red satin lining. This image gave me my first impression of nursing. Helping my mother with the laundry, bleaching the white uniforms and starching the stiff white cap banded with a thin black velvet ribbon was another activity I associated with nursing. In 1979, my mother was sent to Hershey Medical Center for training to become the first certified Enterostomal Therapist in the state of Virginia. It was at that point that I realized that nursing was a profession, with unique career goals, education and training that was specialized for the roles they were called to.
Nursing Autobiography
When I made the decision to become a nurse, I had already completed a degree in chemistry and computer science. I became an Associate Degree Nurse (ADN) in 1991, and began work on a joint replacement unit at a large community hospital. Within the year, implementation of a computerized point of care (POC) system began at the hospital. Our floor was chosen as the beta site for implementation, and because of my background, I was selected to become the clinical trainer for the new system. Soon I was coordinating and training clinical staff hospital wide on the clinical documentation utilizing the new system. To better facilitate this role, I switched to a position in the orthopedic unit where I would still be involved in patient care periodically, but would get a better idea of how staff was actually using the system outside of the very specialized joint replacement...

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...the physical and social surroundings.
5. Health is relative, and is driven by the person and their unique understanding of it.
6. Nursing is primarily about relationships and may be nurse-patient, nurse-family and nurse-coworker.
7. The nurse establishes relationships, allowing her to come along side of the person for health promotion as defined by the patient’s understanding of health.
8. The person is multifaceted and should always be viewed holistically.
9. Patient advocacy is a primary nursing responsibility
My personal nursing philosophy recognizes both the art and science of nursing. This philosophy is based on nursing’s metaparadigm concepts as well as the unique concepts of holistic care and patient advocacy. My philosophy is based on nursing theory, evidence based practice, and my own personal observations over 25 years of nursing practice.

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