Essay on Nurses Vs Paramedics : Nurses And Paramedics

Essay on Nurses Vs Paramedics : Nurses And Paramedics

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Nurses Vs Paramedics
Nurses and Paramedics are similar but have very different roles when it comes to caring for patients, paramedics work in a care environment out with the hospital and have differ-ent responsibilities to nurses, a paramedic can administer a list of drugs if a patient requires them with-out the consent from a doctor whereas a nurse needs confor-mation from a doctor before they can administer drugs. Nurs-es tend to work in hospitals in a range of different set-tings within a healthcare environment such as accident and emergency, acute medical wards, surgical wards etc. or other healthcare settings such as nursing homes (Greenwood, 2015). Patient care is the main priority for both nurses and para-medics although they both have different responsi-bilities in delivering that care. Nurses and paramedics both start as a band 5, a paramedics salary starts at £21,176 rising to £27,534, (BecomeAParamedic, 2015) a nurses salary starts at £21,695 rising to £28,180 this rises in yearly in-crements, (Royal College of Nursing, 2015).
Nurses mainly work in hospitals or other care settings i.e., nursing homes, the role of a nurse is hands on patient care they are responsible for administering medication but this must first be prescribed by a doctor or nurse prescriber. They are responsible for doing patient observations to keep on top of patient’s condition, keeping up to date with pa-tient records making sure everything is recorded. Paramedics are known as first responders, Paramedics arrive on the sce-ne first, they can be single crewed or in crews of 2, one being either an emergency care assistant or an ambulance technician. Their role is to assess the situation and prior-itise the patients given essential...

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...igher Education CPD. there are two types of CPD Higher Education CPD and Non-Higher Education CPD. Changes to the amount of hours required is due to rise to 40 hours by the end of 2015, half of these hours must be through participatory learning activities this includes sem-inars and learning workshops, this should all be recorded and kept in a portfolio as proof to be submit if requested by the NMC, (Royal College of Nursing, 2014). Requirements of continued professional development for paramed-ics are to maintain up to date and accurate records of their activities, demonstrate that their activities are relevant to their job, present their work supported by evidence if requested by the HCPC, it is the paramedics responsibility to ensure they are meeting the standards set as with nurses this is all required for their re-registration. (HCPC, 2014).

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