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Variety of Careers in Nursing It is fairly common for one to think that nurses have one job description and they all do the same work. In general, nurses deliver a variety of services to the community. Nurses are there to provide service and cater to the sick, advocate healthy and fruitful [1] lifestyle, and prevent injuries and diseases (“What Does a Nurse Do”). Nursing is a great career with a variety of jobs within it and caters to different skills people might possess and different lifestyles people might live or want to live. With that being said, many wonder about how to become a nurse [2], what nurses do on a day to day basis, how much nurses earn, and the job outlook, so they can determine …show more content…

However, the variation of this description depends on your job title and specific career. A nurse practitioner is “an advanced practice nurse that helps with all aspects of patient care, including diagnosis, treatments and consultations” (“What Does a Nurse Do”). While neonatal nursing is described as “a subspecialty of nursing that works with newborn infants born with a variety of problems ranging from prematurity, birth defects, infection, cardiac malformations, and surgical problems” (“Is a Career in Neonatal Nursing Right for You?”). Travel nursing has a more broad description because you can be a travel nurse paired with another nurse specialty, however, it is described as “a nurse who is hired to work in a specific location for a limited amount of time” (“What is a Travel Nurse?”). Overall, nurses job descriptions vary based on their …show more content…

During high school, nurses usually took and excelled at classes science and math based such as chemistry, biology, and algebra. However, high school background does not matter in the process of becoming a nurse. To become a basic registered nurse, there are many routes to get to that goal. One can go the traditional route and major in having a bachelor’s of science in nursing (“How to Become a Registered Nurse”). One can also obtain their associate's degree in nursing and work as a nurse after two years (“How to Become a Registered Nurse”). Though there are many other tracks to become a nurse, those are the most popular ones. In addition to nurses having to complete the program, nurses must acquire a nursing license by passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) (“How to Become a Registered Nurse”). To obtain a specialty a nurse must also go through certification for that specialty (“How to Become a Registered Nurse”). Those requirements could also vary depending on the state. However, unlike the other two specialties, nurse practitioners have to go back to attend school to obtain their master’s degree (“What Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Midwives, and Nurse Practitioners

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that nurses deliver a variety of services to the community and cater to different skills and lifestyles. many people wonder about how to become nurses, how much they earn, and the job outlook to determine if nursing is the right career choice for them.
  • Explains that nurses provide and organize patient care, inform the community and their patients about a variety of things such as health conditions and how to prevent them. nurses' job descriptions vary based on their specialty.
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