Nurses And The Delivery Of Nursing Care Essay

Nurses And The Delivery Of Nursing Care Essay

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Nurses take a holistic approach to the delivery of patient- and family-centered care and, in doing so, the nurse plays several roles to address the different needs of the patient. Advocating for all the patient’s, as well as their caregivers’, needs to be met should always be incorporated into the provision of quality nursing care. (Walker et al., 2015). Applying the concept of advocacy to the delivery of nursing care is a key element of this author’s professional foundation. Consequently, this author will advocate for his patient’s rights to autonomy, privacy, and justice. Likewise, this author will continue to advocate for inclusion of the patient and his or her family in making decisions about the patient’s course of treatment. (Jones & Smith, 2014). Moreover, even if a patient has been educated about his or her options regarding treatment and the patient declines the proposed interventions, the nurse has the obligation to continue to advocate for the patient’s rights in determining the care he or she wants, or does not want, to receive.
This author’s efforts to exert his advocacy efforts are primarily based, albeit not exclusively, on the assumptions that (a) the patient is aware of the role of the nurse and accepting of his or her involvement in the coordination of care; (b) advocacy efforts will not exert undue influence on the established family perspective as it relates to hierarchy, decision-making, and traditions; (c) the information being presented to the patient and his or her family in order to make an informed decision is accurate, current, and free of personal bias; (d) differences between the patient’s goals of care and those being advocated for are respected and taken as a definitive conclusion withou...

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...attack rather than compromise his sexual function. In such cases, an understanding of the patient’s culture is imperative while being respectful of the patient’s choices.
This author’s personal nursing philosophy encompasses the application of multiple concepts when delivering holistic care to patients and their families. This author’s views are consistent with those of Butts & Rich (2013), which contemplates the philosophy for advanced practice nurses as being “the viewpoint the nurse acts from in every encounter with a patient, family, or group.” (p. 3). Thus, at the core of this author’s personal philosophy is the provision of high-quality, competent, and compassionate patient- and family-centered nursing care that is inclusive of the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm as well the two practice-specific concepts of advocacy and cultural competence.

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